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Adamant is a Horde casual progression guild on Moon Guard (US)

Thank you for visiting the new Adamant website! We hope this comes in handy for some or all of you, and we hope to see  you on here from time to time!

Other Guild News

11/12 ICC

Baenhoof, Jun 25, 10 8:07 AM.
The date is Tuesday, June 22nd. Patch 3.3.5 has just hit. And Adamant's Team 1 is scheduled to face Sindragosa down.

After some of the most inopportune queue times, login issues, lag spikes and D/C's ever, Baenhoof, Victomte, Taehlea, Rhystah, Rodakar, Nerble, Lyrra, Cthuluian, Calestra and Palazil are working their collective asses off on yet another Sindragosa attempt.
We get her down to the 15% mark- the spot we had been struggling at before. Everyone holds their breath.


The tension over vent was almost palpable.


People were buzzing, but remaining focused. No way we could afford a botch now.
We had her.
Sonuvabitch she was going down.



10/12 ICC

Baenhoof, Jun 3, 10 10:09 PM.
Tuesday, May 1st, Adamant's tuesday group extended the lockout on ICC10 to get more practice in on Putricide and Blood Princes.

After a couple of attempts on Putricide...he went down.
Then Blood Princes.
Blood Princes  

Then Blood Queen, in quick succession.
Blood Queen Lana'thel

The tuesday group is now 10/12 in Icecrown Citadel, with Sindragosa on the way on Sunday.
Our best attempt was something like 35%- we're working on phase 3 with two flight phases in phase 2. I'm fully confident we'll be able to get a kill on sunday!

Wish us luck!

As a sidenote, I've been seeing a LOT of accounts getting broken into lately- make sure you're protected and buy an authenticator!
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